She started writing poetry at 11, a year later she realized she had a story to tell from everything that was bottled inside. The poetry turned into songs, the songs helped her realized she had a gift of putting words together to share what she was living. TK has been rapping every since. As a burn survivor, turned double amputee. TK didn't feel like she had any purpose in life, music gave her a sight to see that she had a reason to live. 

TheGreatTK later attended and graduated Full Sail University where she received a Bachelors (Music Business) and a Masters ( Ent. Business) .


No matter the amount of achievements or the different levels of success you can reach, that will never stop hardships,  long term suffering and pain that comes with life. So I'll just make music till I die, that's the only way I know how to deal with the pain. So I hope whoever listens to my music enjoy the sounds of my pain, says TK.